Play mat numbers

Play mat numbers


The play mats from by Lille Vilde are made from pure silicone. The quality is soft and very strong. 

Silicone naturally provides friction making the mat stay put on the table. The mats are perfect for creative play as they will protect the table from markers, play dough and such. 

The embossed edges will keep small beads in place and after playing, the mat can go straight to the dishwasher, if necessary, or simply be rinsed under tap water.

Even better, the mats are oven proof and can be used as reusable baking mats. Naturally they are food safe too. Use the mat for salty dough or clay and put the mat straight in the oven when finish. How easy is that?

The mat measure 54.5x45.5cm. The perfect size for going crazy creative.

The mats have passed the European and American Food Grade Standards.

LFGB and FDA standard.

  • Product details

    • Qualities: Food Grade
    • Good to know: Oven safe
  • About Lille Vilde

    Behind the brand is Ditte, a Scandinavian mother of two.

    In terms of her education, nature is a big part of her and Little Wild universe. Behind each product is a design process with origins in the nature around us. With the brand, there is a great focus on the soil we live on and sustainability is thought into the products in several ways through all collections.