The cutest whale placemat in the popular material silicone. The silicone napkins from by Lille Vilde are both beautiful, practical and durable. They lie well on the table and the cute designs are to the delight of all children.


The placemats prepare for conversation and smiles, and at by Lille Vilde we cherish the joy of food.


The placemats are also perfect for creative moments, where they protect the table from all kinds of glitter, modeling wax, glue and its straight. The edge of the placemat will also ensure that small beads do not roll their way. When the game is over, the placemat can easily be rinsed clean or smoked directly in the dishwasher. 


The placemats have been tested under current legislation and do not emit any dirty chemicals. They are approved for food and controlled under the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.