Food Cutters Ass. 4pcs

Food Cutters Ass. 4pcs


Fun little cutters to make it there with food a tooth more fun for the little ones. Use them for a creative packed lunch or go to the kitchen with your child and let them help create a little everyday magic. 


The extensions are made of 100% nickel-free steel and have an edge of soft food-grade silicone, so they do not hurt the small hands when used. Both are, of course, approved for food.


The food sticks are shaped like a leaf, a fungus, an acorn and a small flower. There are slightly mixed sizes to suit both small slices of cucumber and a regular size toast.


The extensions must be washed by hand so that they are not affected by fly rust.

Colour: earth tones
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  • About Lille Vilde

    Behind the brand is Ditte, a Scandinavian mother of two.

    In terms of her education, nature is a big part of her and Little Wild universe. Behind each product is a design process with origins in the nature around us. With the brand, there is a great focus on the soil we live on and sustainability is thought into the products in several ways through all collections.

    And when it comes to collections, there are no seasonal collections or items under the town of Lille Vilde. Slow fashion is the key word and multifunctionality, durability, biodegradability and sustainability are in focus in every way.

    It is Ditte's mission that Lille Vilde as a brand bears a responsibility to make it easier for the consumer to make sustainable choices.

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